Survey My School has been specifically designed to measure SCHOOL CULTURE and support school leadership teams to IMPROVE schools. This is achieved by establishing benchmark levels of satisfaction of key stakeholders. As well as identifying specific issues and barriers to success, the surveys provide school leaders with potential strategies for addressing these issues and improving the school.


  • On-line format – ALL respondents surveyed, not just a sample, more reliable data
  • Benchmarks School Culture
  • Executive summary snapshot using traffic light system
  • FAST turnaround – results provided within 48 hours
  • Reminder emails increase response rates
  • Data tracks progress and demonstrates improvement
  • Collated report provides specific information for school improvement
  • Informs strategic planning
  • Completely anonymous
  • Comprehensive easy-to-read reports with breakout reports for each group eg Year level, staff role

School culture is vitally important. It impacts on student achievement, staff and parent satisfaction and enrolments. Survey My School has been specifically designed to measure SCHOOL CULTURE and support school leadership teams to IMPROVE schools. Our interactive format does NOT JUST provide raw data; our surveys identify specific issues as well as potential solutions.

School opinion surveys that only provide data have VERY LIMITED use. Many schools are “data rich” but don’t know what specific concerns people have or what actions to take in order to improve the school.

Survey My School surveys are INTERACTIVE and provide specific feedback to the school leadership team on emerging issues within the school. One of the key features of the survey is that it not only measures and benchmarks the satisfaction level of staff, parents or students, it also identifies specific areas of concern and actions to address them. The surveys can be used as part of action planning, a school review process or once a semester to measure progress.

Respondents who express dissatisfaction with an aspect of the school are asked clarifying questions to provide further detail about their specific concern and potential solutions for addressing their concern. This interactive design of Survey My School ensures the leadership team is “data informed” and solution focused. The survey report provides useful information to improve the school and increase the satisfaction level of staff, parents and students.




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The surveys are fantastic - they provided really clear and useful information to not only benchmark our school culture but were powerful in identifying key issues to be addressed.

Peter Doyle Principal Springfield Lakes June 17, 2015

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The Executive Summary provides a clear snapshot of our school’s culture and highlights priority areas to focus on for school improvement.

Paul Zernike Principal Milton June 17, 2015

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The breakout reports are really helpful for school improvement. The service is great, the turnaround fast and all of the admin work is done for us.

Berrice Lodge Geraldton Grammar June 17, 2015

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Fast turnaround and easy to read reports are fantastic.

Patricia Wilson Principal Lawson Elementary June 17, 2015

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The survey reports are comprehensive and you won't have any trouble interpreting the data etc. Really powerful!

John Kennedy Rockhampton Diocese Catholic Education June 17, 2015