Staff Surveys

Low staff morale has a significant impact on school culture and effectiveness. A happy school staff is more effective, more engaged and receive more satisfaction from the important work they do. Most staff opinion surveys ONLY provide data and do not provide any real, specific direction for the school’s leadership team on the issues that are impacting on staff morale.

SurveyMySchool is INTERACTIVE and provides feedback specifically for the school leadership team on emerging issues within the school. The instrument is used extensively during school review processes as well as to benchmark the school culture.


A key feature of the survey is that it not only measures staff morale but also identifies specific areas of concern and actions to address them. It can be used as part of action planning for an explicit improvement agenda, a school review process or once a semester to measure progress.

For example, one of the statements often included on staff opinion surveys is, “I have access to the resources I need to do my job”. Frustrated staff who don’t feel they have the resources would click DISAGREE on the survey. At the end of the survey (often 4 months later), the Principal receives the data highlighting that some staff don’t feel they have the resources that they need but the Principal doesn’t know which particular resources staff are requesting or where the need is. Survey My School provides specific information.

The interactive survey format has been developed over the past five years. The survey utilises the most commonly used and helpful questions asked on staff opinion surveys and then asks a further clarifying question when staff express their dissatisfaction.

The teacher who says that they don’t have the resources they need is prompted to provide specific information on what resources they are requesting. Staff who are unhappy with staff meetings are asked to suggest ways staff meetings could be improved. Just whingeing and being unhappy isn’t helpful and doesn’t provide any useful information to school leaders!

Survey My School is specifically designed to help school leaders’ develop action plans to increase the school’s effectiveness. The surveys are also helpful in identifying and addressing issues BEFORE system wide satisfaction surveys are undertaken.

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