Sample Reports

Our interactive surveys allow us to generate an in depth report featuring an Executive Summary and unique traffic light rating system, giving an accurate summation of what your staff, students and parents are really thinking. Click on any of the surveys below to view a sample report.


Sample Survey My School STAFF Surveys

Order Now Sample High School- Staff
Sample Primary School- Staff
Executive Summary Snapshot- Staff
Breakout reports – Teachers
Breakout reports – Teacher aides



Sample Survey My School PARENTS Surveys


High School- Parents
Sample Primary School- Parents
Executive Summary Snapshot- Parents
Breakout reports – Year 1 Parents
Breakout reports – Year 10 Parents



Sample Survey My School STUDENT Surveys


High School- Students
Sample Primary School- Students
Executive Summary Snapshot- Students
Breakout reports – Year 6 Students
Breakout reports – Year 12 Students



Sample Survey My CLASS Student Surveys


Class survey – Year 5 class
Class survey – Year 6 class
Class Survey – Year 8 class
Class Survey – Year 10 class